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Mechanical Engineer
Release Date:2018/11/26Workplace:YiWu ZheJiangNumber:50

Entry requirements:

Textile engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanical design and automation, control engineering, mechanical and electrical integration, mechanical and electrical engineering and other related specialties.

R & D department
Release Date:2018/11/26Workplace:YiWu ZheJiangNumber:35

Entry requirements:

Art Design, Arts and Crafts, Creativity, Product Design, Clothing, Clothing Design and Engineering, Drawing, Applied Science, Material Science and Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Textile Engineering and other related majors.

Business department
Release Date:2018/11/26Workplace:YiWu ZheJiangNumber:28

Entry requirements

English (CET-4 or above), international trade, marketing, clothing and other major.

Finance Department
Release Date:2018/11/26Workplace:YiWu ZheJiangNumber:36

Entry requirements

Accounting, Statistics, Auditing, Business Administration, Finance, etc.

System center
Release Date:2018/11/26Workplace:YiWu ZheJiangNumber:45

Entry requirements

Majors in computer, information management, system management, software application and development, electronic information, etc.

Quality department
Release Date:2018/11/26Workplace:YiWu ZheJiangNumber:60

Entry requirements

Quality management, industrial engineering and other management specialties.

Human Resource Center
Release Date:2018/11/26Workplace:YiWu ZheJiangNumber:38

Entry requirements

Majors in administration, human resources management and other management disciplines.

Reserve cadres
Release Date:2018/11/26Workplace:YiWu ZheJiangNumber:60

Not limited to profession

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